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Easton MonkeyLite DH Handlebar
Go ahead and take the gnarly line, Easton's MonkeyLite DH Handlebar will back you up. It weighs in at a feathery 225 grams, yet its CNT carbon construction means it'll withstand a lifetime of downhill abuse. And at a whopping 28 inches wide, this super-strong bar provides excellent control in situations where firm lines are crucial. Charge hard on your next ride with the MonkeyLite DH.
Easton MonkeyLite SL Handlebar
Cruise to the front of the pack with Easton's MonkeyLite SL Handlebar. It tips the scales at a feathery 135 grams, offers excellent steering control, and thanks to Easton's amazing CNT carbon as well as the reinforced stem- and lever-clamping zones, it offers phenomenal strength, too. Plus, it damps vibration for a buzz-free ride.
Easton EA50 MonkeyBar
Easton's EA50 MonkeyBar combines a shot-peened finish for maximum fatigue strength with TaperWall technology for outstanding stiffness and superb lightness. Plus, the 27-inch-wide EA50 provides added control for tough, technical sections, and the high rise of this bar gives you an upright body-position for confidence on steep descents.
Easton EA30 MonkeyBar
Easton's EA30 MonkeyBar features an aluminum construction and a shot-peened finish for low weight, maximum fatigue strength and outstanding stiffness. Plus, the 27-inch-wide EA30 provides added control for tough, technical sections, and the rise of this bar gives you an ideal body-position for confidence on a variety of terrain.
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