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Standard Fit

Quickly Determines appropriate bicycle position using manual measurement tools.
Fit is performed on a stationary trainer. Basic cleat positioning included with fit.
This fit is great for beginning cyclists on hybrids, mountain, or road bikes.

$75 (Free with purchase of bicycle)

Bicycle fit session

Video Analysis Fit

This fit accurately measures joint angles while riding using advanced motion tracking technology allowing for precise adjustments. Fit is performed on a stationary trainer. Includes an advanced foot pedal analysis.


Dynamic Fit

Position is adjusted while you are pedaling aboard our purely custom dynamic fit cycle, allowing for instant feedback. Fit also includes video analysis, saddle optimization, and advanced foot pedal analysis.


Fit session knee alignment

Bicycle Sizing

Replicates the size of any stock bike on the market to quickly determine 
what size and style bike is right for you. Sizing is done on our 
dynamic fit bicycle. Fit comes with report detailing setup.


Saddle Optimization

Try up to 5 different saddles on our dynamic fit cycle. Saddles can be changed and adjusted in seconds, allowing you to find the one that works for you. Demos are available in certain models.


Advanced Foot Pedal Analysis

Optimizes cleat position and screens for the need for insoles, wedging, and shimming to alleviate foot discomfort.


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