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Mini Pumps

Crank Brothers Power Pump Alloy
$37.99 - $39.99
Crank Brothers' Power Pump Alloy features a tough aluminum barrel a little over 9 inches long for maximum pumping power; a switch to select high-volume (off-road tires) or high-pressure (road tires) inflation; and a handy built-in gauge. It also includes a mounting bracket so you can carry it on your frame. The Power Pump Alloy fits Schrader and Presta valves, too.
Crank Brothers Klic HV
Crank Brother's Klic HV features a revolutionary design that sports a hidden flexible hose hidden inside the pump body. A magnetic head and twisting collar allow the hose to be attached easily and keeps debris out. - High-volume portable hand pump with hidden magnetic hose - Premium pump with flexible rubber hose to allow for easy inflation. - Features include a Presta/Schrader valve adapter, magnetic head with twisting collar, and a folding and locking handle. - HV (high volume) version recommended for tires 1.8” wide and larger. - All Klic pumps come with a bottle cage bracket mount. - Length: 220mm - Pressure 110psi / 7.6bar - Weight: 124 grams
Crank Brothers Power Pump
Air is free! All you need is a device that makes all that free air work for you. Crank Brothers' Power Pump does the job, and weighing only 93 grams you'll hardly even notice it's along for the ride. It's also less than 6 inches long so you can easily carry it in a pocket or pack. And, you'll love being able to switch inflation settings to maximize pump power for high-pressure (road) and high-volume (off-road) tires. The Power Pump's dual head fits Schrader and Presta valves, too.
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